Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi Stanley and Naza, I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions because I'm writing my dissertation and I needed to make two articles too.

So, I ask for you explain better what you want.

Stanley, I think the meshgrid() function can help you, like following:

N = 20;
x_range = -1:2/(N - 1):1;
y_range = -1:1.2/(N - 1):0.2;

[x y] = meshgrid(x_range, y_range);

P = [];
for i1 = 1:N,
for i2 = 1:N,
P(i2,i1) = color_P(i1, i2); //here you put the function P = f(x, y)


For plot the graph, you can use the fplot3d1(.) function. The following picture shows a example:


x=-3:0.2:3 ;y=x ;

fplot3d1(x, y, f, alpha = 0, theta = 0); // alpha and theta are the rotation angles

The result is:

Now, you study the fplot3d1(.) function for make your own graph.

The presented function plots graphs as surfaces if you change the variables alpha and theta (try alpha = 5 and theta = 30).

That's all.

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