Thursday, October 1, 2009

Digital Signal Processing - intro

Hi Wallace, I'd like to know what algorithm, or kind of algorithm, you need to develop.

I made a post about convolution, but I think it's a good, and simple, subject for we start our studies.

Look the noised signal:

-->T = 100;

-->t = 1:T;

-->w = %pi/10;

-->s = cos(w*t); //pure signal

-->n = rand(1, T, 'normal')*0.1; //noise

-->x = s + n;

-->plot(t, x);

The result is:

Now, let's filter the signal using an average filter.

We have two options for apply the filtering:

The first

-->Tm = 5;

-->y = [];

-->for i = 1:Tm,
-->y(i) = mean(x(1:i));

-->for i = (Tm + 1):T,
-->y(i) = mean(x((i - Tm):i));

-->plot(t, y);

The result is:

The second

-->Tm = 5;

-->m = ones(1, Tm);

-->y = convol(x, m);

-->ty = 1:length(y);

-->plot(ty, y);

The result is:

If you make the math operations, you'll see the results are, numerically, the same for t = Tm + 1 until t = T.


Abdillah said...

wow thank you very much...
your article is very helpful..
i'm student and i want to learn about digital data processing..
can i make real time series (not even or odd) use fourier transform in scilab? please help me. thanks

Sheep said...

Fourier Transform is very useful for signal processing, but if you wanna design a real time system I recommend for you using convolution because it's easier to make the model input -> system -> output. However, Fourier Transform should be used for analyzing spectrum of the both signals: input and output.

Abdillah said...

thank you very much Mr. Sheep.
Mr. Sheep, can you give a tutorial to design a real time system using convolution please?
i'm newbie here. i haven't understood T.T

Sheep said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any tutorial for real time signal processing, but you can try in Scilab examples or google about the kind of application you're designing.

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