Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Car plate tracking

I found an old project that I developed during my graduation course which consists in a car plate tracking system.

It was developed in Python in 2007, but I translated it to Scilab, in some minutes, today.

I used SIVp toolbox and simple pattern recognition and digital image and signal processing techniques in this system.

The system is tested with a set of images from a Brazilian repository which has many images of cars.

Look the result of the system.

If anyone is interested in this system, come on let's talk about it. We can try to improve it.


CV said...

I am very interested in this project. Can you please share with us more about this?

Perhaps starting with some step-by-step tutorial for car plate recognition using the SIVp?

Looking forward to your posting!

chako said...

hi,I'm interested on number plate detection with scilab.
I have been working on this application.
i need help with SVIP tool box.

Sheep said...

Hi, it's too long time since I studied car plate tracking.

So if anyone wants to learn more about it, we can try an application together.

There: are links to another blog that I have which contains basic informations about SIVp and image processing tips.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm currrently doing a project for blind people to buy things using barcode. And I currently unsure how to detect the barcode.

I saw this post is quite similar to my project. So may I request for the code.


Marlon Micabalo said...

pls post the code