Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you CV

I read four comments from CV today, and I'd like to say thank you CV, a reader like you motivates me to stay improving this blog.

About your comments, try this toolbox for USB connections and, about car plates, I'll make some posts for it.

So, I'm happy with my readers and I ask God bless everyone.

Thank you again.


Xu Whai Tuck said...

I had also some Scilab codes from my courses this sem. You may look at it for some references... :)

Type Scilab into the search box n u can find some articles related to Scilab

Sheep said...

Hi Xu Whai, thank you for your comment too.
If you're interested, we can try to develop an application and post it here or anywhere else.

Xu Whai Tuck said...

I had some interest in ACO and genetics alogrithm and wish to develop some sorts of simulations model, but for now my studies only requires to make IIR filter for Digital Signal Processing course as you can see from the source code in my blog. That even takes 3-4 days to produce such a "simple" code.. Hehehe ...

Anonymous said...

Do you have a scilab code for ACO?

Sheep said...

Hi nameless reader.

What does ACO mean?

Maybe I can know it as other thing.