Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scilab as supporting software for mobile

In Eng Cross' blog we can see some apps those have Computer Vision features. I have known OpenCV, Open Computer Vision API, has a wrapper for Android, which is used by Eng Cross in his apps.

Nowadays, there are information about two apps:


This app applies four different effects in camera's image and composes a new image where the user can select one effect to be applied to the image and save pictures in Pictures directory.

Right Angle

This app creates a "L" mark in the center of the screen and identifies any right angle aligned with the mark holding the screen and pointing the vertex of the angle.

But, what's the relation between these Android apps with Scilab?

Scilab has the toolbox SIVp (Scilab Image and Video Processing toolbox) that can be used for testing similar algorithms. Once developing codes in Scilab is much faster than in any programming language, it's very useful to use this simulation environment for making first tests and validations of advanced algorithms, like computer vision, image/signal processing, statistics analysis, math modeling, etc.

Added to being an simulation environment, Scilab can work as server for high intensive processing solutions, concentrating information, e. g. from sensors, and sharing data to mobile devices through webservices, like using JSON.

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