Thursday, January 15, 2009


This is my 1st dedicated blog and I created it just for teach something about Scilab.

The Scilab is a very powerful software for numeric computation.

I'll share codes and programming technicals, but I'd like receive comments and interactions with the blog (votes in the polls, for example).

Now, let's start the presentation.

I'm a engineer of teleinformatics and I'm doing mastering in engineering of teleinformatics. My favorite study areas are digital images and signals processing, computational vision, patterns recogntion, computational intelligence and intelligent automation.

I work with free software since 2004 (when I joined the University), I'm using just GNU/Linux for my own activities and works.

I use Scilab since 2005 and I love it, because everyone uses the Matlab and I don't like proprietary software, I think free software stimulates the desire for knowledge. I like a lot learn new things and free software does it.

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math.man5 said...

nice presentation