Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simple graphs - 6

This is the last post about the simple uses of the plot(.) function.

In this post, we will learn how to mark the points on the line's graphs, like the following figure.
The possible styles of markers in Scilab are:

  • Plus sign;
  • Circle;
  • Asterisk;
  • Point;
  • Cross;
  • Square;
  • Diamond;
  • Upward-pointing triangle;
  • Downward-pointing triangle;
  • Rightward-pointing triangle;
  • Leftward-pointing triangle;
  • Five-pointed star (pentagram);
  • No marker (default).
Those markers may be used with the line's styles (last post) and the colors (before the last post).

Let's do some examples:

-->x1 = rand(10, 1);

-->plot(x1, 'x');

-->plot(x1, 'o');

-->t = 1:10;

-->x2 = exp(-0.1*t);

-->scf(); plot(t, x2, 'sr--');

-->scf(); plot(x1, x2, '^-.g');

The result:

Ok, now we are ready for start real applications.

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naza sundae said...

Hai sheep,

I admire your desire to promote free software such as Scilab... Plus to teach people using it, that really takes a lot of spirit man.
It is really helpfull, especially to us students and independent researchers.

Thanks again brother. Look forward to learn fro your new post.